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To establish the credibility of boundary logic tools, I thought it necessary to use them to solve difficult, commercially valuable, problems. The most difficult application problem turned out to be the optimization of large digital circuits. So a business colleague and I started this company, BTC, with a business plan of applying boundary math to Electronic Design Automation.

My role was strictly as technical Chief Scientist: the first decision that Management made was to usurp my name for the new Company (yuck!).


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Over three years, BTC generated both software and hardware business plans, raised $500K, and looked like a survivable technical start-up. Success, however, seems to be dominated by the whims of the world. Our first meeting with investors was the same day that some terrorists decided to make a statement in New York. Oh, and the technology bubble burst. BTC closed in early 2005.

CORPORATE DESCRIPTIONS –– Corporate overviews, executive summaries, FAQs.

STRATEGY CONSIDERATIONS –– Product positioning, strategic analysis, use of proceeds.

TECHNICAL CONSIDERATIONS –– Technical descriptions, capabilities and analysis. Performance capabilities, potential applications to tools and areas.

PERFORMANCE RESULTS –– Software and hardware designs. Description of and results from two large logic synthesis projects using benchmark and commercial semiconductor designs. Detailed performance analysis, but little description of the underlying technology. Includes the final Losp technical report prior to closing.

MARKETING MATERIALS –– Competitive analysis, selling points, value propositions, user benefits, problems solved.

APPLICATIONS –– Potential markets for the boundary logic technologies.