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Computer Science is a wildly diversified field. As a generalist, I've pursued projects in AI, CG, HCI, VR, EDA, BM and other subfields. Here is some of that work (substantive portions of VR, EDA and BM, and all code are in other sections of the site).

I believe in generative ideas: build first (that is, write some computer code) and if it works, then theorize later. So everything here grew out of programming projects, and most of the words describe the functioning of computers.

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CONSTRAINT-BASED SYSTEMS –– Constraint management and propagation based on pruning a space of possibilities, including a possibility calculus.

AGENTS AND ENTITIES –– Entities are individual software programs with operating system capabilities. Most of this section is about a ruthless autonomy for programs.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE –– Concepts and issues.

PURE PROGRAMMING –– Formal, functional and object-oriented attitudes and techniques. Mostly math.

COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN AND ELECTRONIC DESIGN AUTOMATION –– Geometric modeling, some design notes for chips and the programs that optimize their performance. Most of the EDA material is in the Business section.

HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION –– Intelligent and trainable interfaces. Semantic web. Design of statistical packages.

DISTRIBUTED AND PARALLEL PROCESSING –– Performance maintenance and resource management.