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As Director of the Autodesk Research Lab, I lead the team that developed the first commercial immersive VR system to be made available to the general public. In February 1989, very few people had heard of the idea. In March, people were phoning me from the other side of the country, telling me about how it worked (!).

Some of the materials below have cultural/historical interest, at the birth of Virtual Reality. Later, we figured out that any electronically mediated experience (radio, TV, film, etc.) formed a virtual reality.


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ABOUT VIRTUAL WORLDS, ENVIRONMENTS AND REALITY –– Ideas about the syntax and the semantics of the virtual.

VEOS, THE VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT OPERATING SHELL –– Technical design, architecture and details of VEOS, a software suite that provided quality immersive experience. Includes a significant amount of graduate student work.

SOFTWARE TOOLS –– Design and development of tools for navigation in, interaction with, management of, and construction of virtual worlds.

INTERFACE, THE VIRTUAL BODY –– Design and development of virtual body software.

DEVELOPMENT OF VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS –– Design, programming and demoing.

VARIOUS PROJECTS –– Descriptions of and proposals about important aspects of the virtual experience, including inconsistent worlds for multiple participants.

PHILOSOPHY –– Some technical musings about the nature of VR.

CULTURE –– How various people and groups reacted to a "new" form of reality.