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LWTC Tenure Review II

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This PAGE II links to PDF files that contain collections of instructional and college work samples from 8/06 to 1/09.

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resume, activities,

goals, journal, ratings


professional projects

Selected Work Samples
Course Outlines, new math courses
Math in Society; Digital Math; Logic; Math for Preschool Teachers
Course Handout Collections
Course Management
Course Content; Cumulative Review; Project Description; ECEM Syllabus
  Course Content
  Notes on Logic; Age of Math Concepts; Recursive Definitions; Functions; Algebraic Critical Thinking
LWTC Essay and Memo Collections
  Math Department
  MathLab; Syllabus Guidelines; College-Level Math Courses; Global Outcomes
Assessment Project
Assessment Plan; Simple Description; Tools and Methods; Prorgam Goals; Multiple Levels of Analysis; Global Outcomes by Courses
Measurement; How Societies Fail; Game Theory and IBB; Advising as Teaching
Professional Projects on page 3
Grant Proposals, Publications, Presentations, Manuscripts in Preparation, Software, Animations