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Hi Folks,

This site is primarily a repository for my work prior to 2006. Go to iconicmath.com for more recent work. The labeled buttons on the left -- and the links below -- lead to pages that list annotated materials for the particular category. Your current location is marked by ∆. The best written pieces are marked by asterisks*. I've put stubs in several places where materials are not yet ready for the web. Here's a brief description of each category:

BOUNDARY MATHEMATICS –– Lots of material on void-based logic, numerics, and imaginaries. Applications to expert systems, semiconductor design and hardware architecture.

boundary math
teaching/class notes
computer code
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TEACHING/CLASS NOTES –– Class notes for my graduate-level courses in Computer Science and Software Engineering at Seattle University and at the University of Washington.

PAPERS/ESSAYS/REPORTS –– Written work in Computer Science, Virtual Reality, and Education (Boundary Mathematics has a separate category).

COMPUTER CODE –– Public domain code for selected projects in VR, AI and CAD.

BUSINESS –– Various business materials, mostly from my failed start-up companies. Includes description, plans, presentations, strategies, technologies, and marketing.

RESUME/VITA/EXPERIENCE –– Varieties of self-description.

ART/CHAT/PLAY –– Satire, commentary, art, philosophy, humor.

PERSONAL/FAMILY –– Photos and other family stuff.

LINKS –– External links relevant to this site, and a few others that interest me.

SITE STRUCTURE –– Site map. Help. Design and organization of the site. Editorials.